About us

Shanghai Amino-Chem Co., Ltd. is a leading chemical manufacturer. Established in 2002, Amino-Chem TM is the intermediates platform of Longsheng Holding, which went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003. We primarily provide our customers with a broad range of chemical intermediates such as: Meta Phenylene Diamine (MPD), Ortho Phenylene Diamine (OPDA), Para Phenylene Diamine (PPDA), Resorcinol, Meta Phenylene Diamine 4-Sulfonic Acid (MPDSA), and more.

Amino-Chem TM has been certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality system certificates. Our products are used to synthesize pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, such as fasten rubber, aramid fiber, plastics, coagulate epoxy resins, and to produce numerous dyes (leather dyes, textiles dyes, etc.).

With a strong production capacity, we can produce 25,000 metric tons of Meta Phenylene Diamine each year. This enables us to ensure that we quickly meet the large demands of our clients, both in our domestic market, as well as many overseas markets. Our global clientele includes countries such as: India, Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, and Brazil, for instance.

The high quality and diverse applications of our chemical intermediates contribute to the quick growth and strong reputation of our company. Amino-Chem TM works to maintain the reputation through continually introducing new and improved products to our markets. We also implement the most rigorous testing facilities, and perform strict quality control on our production processes to guarantee satisfaction with each product.

As a China chemical intermediates supplier, we welcome global customers to establish a long-term business relationship with us. We look forward to the opportunity of helping you with all of your chemical intermediate needs. If you are interested in our Meta Phenylene Diamine, Ortho Phenylene Diamine, Para Phenylene Diamine and Resorcin etc., please feel secure in contacting us.