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(3-Aminophenyl)-urea monohydrochloride


(3-Aminophenyl)-urea monohydrochloride

English Name (3-Aminophenyl)-urea monohydrochloride
English Synonym MUA; M-uredoaniline HCL; (3-aminophenyl)-urea HCL; (3-aminophenyl)-urea monohydrochloride; meta ureido aniline HCL; metauriedoaniline hydrochloride; meta amino phenyl urea HCL; (3-aminophenyl)uronium chloride
CAS No. 59690-88-9
Molecular Formula C7H10ClN3O
Molecular Weight 187.63
Related categories Intermediates of Dyes and Pigments
EPA Chemical Data Urea, (3-aminophenyl)-, monohydrochloride(59690-88-9)

(3-Aminophenyl)-urea monohydrochloride Uses and Properties
Uses Used as reactive dyes intermediate, used to make yellow and orange dyes. Substitute of aminoacet anilide intermediate.
Categories poisonous substance
Stimulation Data Eye-rabbit 100 mg./24h severe
Flammability and Hazard Properties Flammable; cause poisonous nitric oxide and hydrogen chloride smoke
Storage Property storehouse: ventilate, low temperature, dry
fire-extinguishing agent dry powder, foam, sandy soil, carbon dioxide, spray water

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